Props For Advertisement Shoot

So today my props arrived for my next shoot; I was extremely excited when I saw the package had turned up! All the perfumes were in good condition and surprisingly some of the bottles did have some perfume in which was a bonus! 

The only problem (which was mainly down to my naivety) is that I accidentally ordered the wrong products. I only really needed the heads of the dolls to stick into my models hair. I thought I might as well the perfume bottles as it will be easy enough to remove the heads. Unfortunately I forgot that the body of the dolls are also attached (as shown below), so I may have to do some covering up with ribbon to disguise this slight issue. 

                 This was the best picture I could find of doll heads I wanted (apart the bracelet of course)

I'm hoping this is only a minor issue and will be easily solved, so you can't even notice a thing! Now all is left to do is organise a time to do the shoot with my model.


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