Short Film Of The Week Review

So today I decided to look at the Summer Research List and realised I have yet to do a review on a short-featured film or clip. Due to the fact I finish work at 12 today, I thought this would be the ideal time to do one. I decided to choose one from the website and came across 'The Truth About Meeting Women'.

‘The Truth About Meeting Woman’ is originally from a web series that also features ‘The Truth About Being Single’ and ‘The Truth About Hook-up’s written by Paul Gale and directed by T.J Misney. This 4 minute short film features a single man who is day-dreaming about his future. He finds himself seeking ‘potential’ partners, whilst waiting for a train in a subway station. This particular piece is trying to capture the inner turmoil that occurs when you spot someone new who you are attracted to.

First thoughts; now I’ve always wanted to know what goes on in a man’s head, however, I found this particular short film a little far-fetched. Although woman can be nerve racking to talk to and even a pain the bum to be with, some of the scenarios he comes up in his head are a bit over the top. On the other hand, this could be me being cynical and these are possible scenarios that actually do cross a man’s mind when worrying about the fear of rejection. The constant use of zoom, panning and jump cuts to the future, make this clip sharp, witty and engaging.

This piece does make you wonder and ask the question are guys more worried about rejection than women? This could be true because if you think about it the majority of the time, the guy is almost expected to make the first move, so possibly his visionaries within this clip are valid.

On reflection, this is actually quite a clever video. Although at first I wasn’t really impressed, once I watched it several times and understood the true message within, I appreciated the deeper meaning I think the producers were trying to create. Overall, this short film has made me think twice about the daily struggles that me encounter as well as us woman. It also made me think as a woman to possibly go easier on men/a man, as they don’t really have an easy job at winning us over sometimes.


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