Blackpool Smart Phone Test

This weekend I decided to go on a spontaneous trip to Blackpool. Although I mainly went for the rides and to get away from work for a bit, I thought there may be some good opportunities to take pictures too. I decided against taking my Nikon D750, as it was a lot of carriage to take around with me.

Luckily, one of my friends had just brought themselves a new phone (the LG G4), which has an amazing camera on it. So we wanted to put our smart phones to the test and see which one could produce the better photographs and I hate to say it but his phone was by far the best. 

In theory my Sony Z3 Compact should have captured the better photographs with its 20.7mp primary camera; however, we managed to get clearer pictures on the LG G4 16mp camera.

Although I think my friend got slightly carried away with the editing of these images colour wise, you can still tell the amazing quality of the smart phone. So here are some of my favourite images below from the LG G4:

As you can probably tell, the weekend was a bit of a weird one weather wise. It started out pretty horrendous when we get there, but by the end of it we were lucky enough to enjoy the glorious sunshine.

I didn't really take as many photographs on my smart phone due to the fact we soon discovered who’s the best camera was. So I ended up using his phone for the majority of our time there. However, here are just a handful of images to compare against. 

(unfortunately the camera on the sony does not have a unblocking mode *unlike the LG* and therefore, a few of my pictures didn't turn out very well)


Although I think they are still good quality, they are not as sharp and clear as the others above. So if anyone is interested in buying a new smart phone with a good quality camera, I would highly recommend the LG G4. (It even has a 8mp front facing camera too for selfies too!)


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