'Violence and the Philosophy of Consumption' Series (Part One)

On the 5th of November, I was lucky enough to work alongside a very talented creative writer/artist Shamiso Chirimuuta and assist her with the current project 'Violence and the Philosophy of Consumption' Series

This series features articles, accompanied by a photo series, that explore the ways in which indulgent consumption (namely in the fashion industry) may be exploitative of workers and the environment. The hypothesis is that capitalistic consumption, in its current form, is an indirect act of violence against the poor and the environment.

Intrigued by this idea, I couldn't wait to bring both of our creative minds together and produce some meaningful photography! Whilst we wait for her amazing blog, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a sneak peak into a few of the images we produced during this shoot.

So the accompanying blog post for the first part of the shoot will be titled 'Slow Violence'. This particular series of images were aiming to show the slow and insidious violence against people and the environment. Here are a few of my favourites images from this part of the shoot:

The accompanying blog post for these next images will be titled: Violence Against the Environment (Global Warming). What we were trying to emphasise here, was the destruction of the environment by highlighting the run-down building and its abandonment. Personally, I believe we found the perfect location for this shoot, which really helped us capture the meaning I believe Shamie was trying to convey. Again, here are a few of my favourites from the second part of the shoot:

Overall, we had a really successful shoot and I am really pleased with how the photographs turned out! I am now looking forward to reading Shamie's blog post on the 'Violence and the Philosophy of Consumption' Series and see how she has incorporated our work into her article. Not only this, we have arranged another shoot to happen this weekend (Sunday 19th November)! So I am super excited about this! Watch this space guys!

Whilst your waiting for the upcoming blog, why not take a look for yourself on her aspiring site here.


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