Day Four

So today was Father's Day! I decided to let Dad choose what he wanted to do, to make his day extra special. 

All week the weather forecast said today was meant to consist of thunderstorms and be the worst day so far. However, they managed to get it completely wrong and it turned out to be the hottest day, reaching mid 30s. Due to the fact is was suppose to be such a rubbish day we had planned to visit more museums and keep inside. However, in the end we decided to meet up with some of our family, who were also on holiday to New York the same time as us - such a coincidence! So we walked around central park for the majority of the day.

Due to the fact we weren't expecting sunshine, we didn't pack any suncream. Therefore, we decided to give ourselves some rest from the sun and go into the Guggenheim Museum, The Museum of Modern Art and a Photography Museum too. 

Afterwards we decided to go for a family meal in an Italian restaurant and the portions were massive! Lastly, we went up the Empire State Building and got some cracking shoots of New York at night.


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