Lens Decisions

So today I thought it would be a good idea to do some last minute research for the London Fashion Weekend. I decided to read some articles on what to expect on a Catwalk and what things you could consider and keep in mind.

Here are the several factors:
  1.  Stake Your Ground/Stand Your Ground
  2. Use a Long Lens
  3. Lose the Flash
  4. White Balance
  5. Use ISO for a Higher Shutter
  6. Get Low
  7. Shoot Vertically
  8. Follow The Beat and Shoot Strategically
  9. Watch the Lighting
  10. Don't wait for the Pause

One thing that I thought I should probably sort out now is what lens to take. At home I am lucky enough to have several lens available to use. The hardest part was deciding which one would be best. Online they recommended a 70-200mm lens. Unfortunately I don't have that lens but the ones I am going to discuss now are the ones I have and are considering:

F/S 4-5.6

F/S 4 (all the way through)

F/S 4.5-5.6

After much deliberation, I think I will bring my original 24-120mm as I feel comfortable with this lens and quality it produces. I will also bring my dad's 55-300mm to get long shots of the models walking down the catwalk. I thought it made sense to bring both as I should be able to cover all areas this way i.e. capture the runway walk (telephoto lens) and then the close ups of 'the pause', 'the turn' and the finale with my lens. 


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