Contact Sheets For London Fashion Weekend

All together I managed to take a total of 1250 photographs. I wanted to create a contact sheet for all my images; however, I thought it would be best to cut them down first. After some ruthless decision making, I ended up with 162 images. Personally, I think 162 images is a much more reasonable number to make contact sheets. Next, I decided to split the images into the three different shows (trends and designer) to show how I my confidence improved, as each show went on.

Show 1:

Show 2:

Show 3:
My favourite part of the day was definitely witnessing the designer show. I thought Peter Pilotto creations were speculator; I couldn’t take my eye of the designs and the shoes!! 

Now that I have made the contact sheets for each show, I decided to put the photographs into categories. This enabled me to cut down to my favourite few that I will be putting on my website. The categories I decided on were ‘Close Ups’, ‘Experiments’ ‘On the Turn/Pause’ and ‘The Walk’.

Close Ups:

On the Turn/Pause:

The Walk:


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