Fresher's Flu Survival Guide

Five Fresher’s Flu Survival Tips

So it’s half way through the week… you’ve been out every night…you’re starting to have symptoms of fresher’s flu, yet you still have four more events to go! Wondering how you will survive the rest of the week? Fear not, here at Modamore, we have come up with five top tips to help you get through fresher’s flu!
First things first…

     1. Keep hydrated!

Coffee, tea, pro plus and any other caffeine based product, will be a life saver throughout university, but especially fresher’s week/s. So, it could be a good idea to invest in a travel cup and prepare for those 9am’s starts as well!
If you’re not a big fan of hot drinks, then stock up on plenty of water! After a heavy night out on the town, you will need to keep hydrated!

     2. Keep eating

Not matter how rough you feel in the morning, food is always a cure! A kebab at the end of the night might seem a good option at the time, but a big hearty breakfast will definitely see you throughout the rest of the day!

      3. Explore

Sometimes being cooped up in your room the whole day, every day will make you feel worse! So, get out and explore the university campus to a) get familiar with your surroundings and b) get some fresh air into your system.

      4. Rest when you can 

No matter how brief the rest may be, make sure you give some time to yourself. Whether it’s a power nap or catching up on TV, wrap up in your favourite dressing gown and snuggle up to a hot water bottle. Why not lounge around halls in our collection of loungewear that’s just perfect for chilling around the house.

       5. Power Through

You may feel like death warmed up already, but keep powering through! You are only a fresher once, so make the most of your opportunity and go to many of the events as possible! Don’t regret anything! You’ll have plenty of time to rest once fresher’s is over!
So go and enjoy the rest of your fresher’s experience before all the stresses of university start!


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