Experimental Images

For one of my current university modules, I have to create/update my online presence. Currently, I have my blog, an Instagram page and my updated website. By the end of the module I am hoping to have a Facebook page as well. When looking through my website, I realise how outdated it was how it seriously needed new content adding. 

Therefore, I decided to look back at previous work, which I thought could be valuable to my site. I soon discovered my London Fashion Weekend experience, which I almost had forgot about. As well as taking the customary cat walk photographs, I tried to experiment with capturing the different accessories available on each model. 

I throughly enjoyed the experience and wanted to display some of the images I haven't put on this blog yet. I thought this would also separate my bath shoots a bit, as I have done a lot of work for my other module, displayed on this blog.

Feel free to leave any comments. Enjoy!


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