Third Year; University Stresses

What a year it has been! 365 days after my car crash and so much has changed. From not being able to lift a finger, to having full use of my arm again! I am so pleased with the progress I have made in a year, however, I am disappointed how I have neglected my social media, especially my blog! 

Since starting back at university for third year, it has been extremely full on! When people say A Levels are the hardest thing you will ever do, they are wrong. Trying to juggle your university life, work life, social life is extremely difficult and I take my hats of to people who manage to cope with everything, a lot better than me.

As I have previously said, a lot has happened since last year and I have managed to produce a lot of work since. So I think it's about time I put my work out there again and start building up my online presence.



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