Jack's Drumming Photoshoot

The other day, my friend Sophie asked if I could help her friend out with a photo shoot. She said he wanted someone to take photos of his drumming and kit, to help build up his portfolio. It's been a month since I undertook my last shoot and feel my hand/arm/wrist would be more up to the task, this time.

Unfortunately the night before the shoot, his studio had been broken into, which meant that he was unable to bring his whole kit to the shoot, as the forensic team needed to check the equipment for fingerprints. Therefore, we had to make do with what kit he was able to take from the scene.

In the end, this factor didn't really bother us and we managed to capture a lot of interesting shots. I had the idea of using slow shutter speeds to produce a creative effect and it turned out extremely well. Here are a few of the images from the shoot.


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