Why I Started Blogging

I thought it would be a good idea to say about about myself and how I actually got into blogging. I first learnt about blog spot was in Year 12 (3 years ago now) where we had to create a blog and present our research and development on our music magazine productions.

I ended up enjoying blogging so much that I wrote over 80 posts in a couple of months for my project.

My First Blog

For my Second year of A Level I was asked to continue blogging but this time on creating a music video. Although I was nervous at first, once I had gone my teeth into this project, this is where my interest for video making became apparent.

I soon discovered that following students were using my blog as inspiration for their blogs, because they weren't sure how to start. This made is apparent to me that I must be half decent at blogging and should try and get back into it once again, for others to hopefully enjoy reading and be inspired by.

Although in hindsight, there are probably many ways I could improve this video now, this piece enabled me to gain an A at A Level which I was extremely pleased with and is the main reason that I wanted to take video making or something along these lines to University. In the end, I managed to get on De Montfort Photography and Video course and am loving every second of it. Even though I have never attempted photography before, I have surprised myself which how well I had done during my first year.

Anyways, here is my music video and my main inspiration for helping me to get to where I am now :)


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