On Location Shoot - My House

Unfortunately today's shoot didn't go as planned. Everything that could have gone wrong did!

Firstly, my talents ribbon broke off her pointe shoes the day before our shoot and she didn't have enough to fix them. So I had to go to Northampton and find some ribbon so we could try and mend the shoes. However, it took 20 minutes to tie one ribbon onto one side of the shoe and we didn't have much time as it was. So in the end we decided to use sellotape to hold the other ribbon in place. 

For this particular shoot I was hoping to go to the local park near where I live, the woods and my house and the street outside/opposite my house. Due to the fact time wasn't on our side, we only managed to do a shoot out my house, which I'm slightly disappointed about. Another problem we came across was when I found a perfect location shoot (under this well lit lamppost) I was taking test shots and one of my neighbours mistook me for taking pictures of his house (even though it was not even in my pictures) I showed him this and he was still extremely annoyed for a reason and told me to delete the pictures. I have never come across someone like this before, so it really did surprised me and put me off for the rest of my shoot. What was rather ironic about the situation was that the man who confronted me is a photographer himself, so I am surprised he wasn't more understanding of a student trying to undertake a university project on a public road, but never mind.

I would love to set up another shoot for this particular project, however, I'm not entirely sure if we will get another opportunity, as my talent works 7 days a week and has no days off currently and is now off to Surrey for a week for her job, which would only leave me 4 days until my final head in. Therefore, I may have to make do with the pictures I have produced so far. Although I am happy with them (especially under the circumstances) I feel I could have done better.

Here are some of my successful shots, during the crazy day I had:


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